Drywall Partition Acoustic Insulation

Sound Insulation, otherwise known as sound reduction, is the prevention of sound being transmitted from one part of a building to another, for example by erecting a partition or wall.

Improving the sound insulation of separating elements between dwellings is the main way in which the sound transmission between dwellings can be reduced.

Increasing the mass of a separating element will improve its sound insulation but in timber and steel framed systems, the amount of extra weight that can be safely supported is often limited. As a result, other design approaches are usually employed i.e. structural isolation and the inclusion of products that absorb sound such as glass and rock mineral wool.

The sound absorption characteristics of mineral wool make it ideal for use in modern buildings to comply with Approved Document E of the Building Regulations in England and Wales, Technical Handbook, Section 5 for Scotland and Technical booklets G and G1 for Northern Ireland. In addition, the thermal properties of mineral wool provide a secondary benefit of minimising heat loss either between attached dwellings or between storeys within a dwelling. A further benefit is to minimise the overall mass of the construction, easing construction processes.


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