Knauf Insulation NAIMA 3E Plus®

Knauf Insulation NAIMA 3E Plus®

Knauf Insulation NAIMA 3E Plus® Makes Specifying Insulation Simple

Thickness is a critical factor in the success or failure of an insulation system. But without the right tool for the job, determining the appropriate glass wool insulation thickness for a particular application can be challenging.

Knauf Insulation partnered with NAIMA to bring you custom 3E Plus® calculation software. NAIMA’s 3E Plus® software makes it easy to calculate the appropriate insulation thickness necessary for any application. 3E Plus®  has all of the standard HVAC insulation products from Knauf Insulation pre-loaded for your convenience.

Knauf Insulation NAIMA 3E Plus® helps you:

  • Determines surface temperature and heat loss/gain calculations of individual insulation thickness up to 10 inches or 250 mm.
  • Solves for outside insulated surface temperatures for all types of insulation applications at different process temperatures and various configurations.
  • Calculates the thickness of insulation needed for condensation control.
  • Calculates bare vs. insulated heat loss efficiency percentages for horizontal and vertical piping, ducts and flat surfaces.
  • Performs calculations for various flat surfaces, selected pipe sizes and all standard iron pipe sizes from 15 to 1200 mm
  • Calculates heat loss/gain and outside insulated surface temperatures for any insulation material provided the thermal conductivity, associated mean temperatures, and temperature limit are entered by the user.


Download the Knauf Insulation NAIMA 3E Plus v4.1 installer by clicking here.

For guidance on how to use the software program, please refer to the Users Manual