10 ways we help specifiers maximise the potential of LEEDv4

By Anonymous
November 09, 2016

November 1 marks a milestone day for the building industry with the launch of LEEDv4. If you need expert input on how to maximise its potential — Knauf Insulation can help.

Not only do our solutions offer the opportunity to gain maximum points in new categories, we also provide a unique level of support for specifiers that ranges from simple-to-understand online LEEDv4 factsheets to an easily accessible team of specialists who are already contributing expertise to current and future versions of Green Building Rating Systems.

Here are 10 reasons why you should contact Knauf Insulation with your LEEDv4 query:

1 We energise success

Our most important point contribution to LEEDv4 relates to the energy performance of our solutions and their high levels of recycled content — in some cases up to 80%. Our products also add significant points in new credit categories focused on materials and building health.

2 We add points for reducing emissions

A new LEEDv4 credit related to insulation emissions places emphasis on reducing Volatile Organic Compounds in indoor air. Here our solutions with ECOSE® Technology can contribute maximum points as they contain no added formaldehyde and are certified to the highest standards such as Indoor Air Comfort Gold from Eurofins, Blue Angel and A+ labelling in France.

3 We help boost healthy buildings

In other credits related to health, such as acoustic performance and thermal comfort, our solutions with ECOSE Technology also offer major opportunities to gain maximum points.

4 We contribute a point for EPDs

In LEEDv4 there are new categories that focus on assessing the entire lifecycle of materials with a point for 20 EPDs for a complete building from five different manufacturers. Here our ECOSE products provide huge advantages because they are product specific and all have third party verified Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

5 We add performance points

These independent EPDs reveal that across the lifecycle of our ECOSE products they usually perform better than the industry standard and this contributes another valuable LEEDv4 point.

6 We have a dedicated LEEDv4 team

We have a team of sustainability experts trained as LEEDv4 specialists who are on call to help answer questions related to specific green building challenges and provide customised solutions. We have invested significantly in this expertise because we believe it offers an important market advantage for Knauf Insulation and for those in charge of building projects. Members of our sustainability team are always on hand to provide support to specifiers and to show them how to get the most out of LEEDv4.

7 We are working on future LEED versions

Members of our sustainability team recently contributed specialist insight on behalf of the campaigning organisation Fire Safe Europe at key meetings of the US Green Building Council’s Greenbuild Conference in North America with the aim of considering the possible creation of a future pilot LEED credit for fire safety. We are also working with the European Insulation Manufacturers Association on what are known as Alternative Compliance Paths — LEED credit requirements that may vary from region to region.

8 We contribute expertise to LEED practitioners

Our expert LEED input has been an on-going process. Over the past two years, Knauf Insulation has sponsored European Union LEEDv4 Technical Workshops with the participation of hundreds of LEED practitioners and our sustainability team gave a presentation on low-emitting materials by explaining the added value of ECOSE Technology in LEEDv4 assessment.

9 If you need expert input on LEEDv4 — we can help

A brainstorming meeting was recently held between members of our sustainability team and Mahesh Ramanujam, the future CEO of the USGBC. Following the meeting, he said: “The U.S. Green Building Council is grateful to Knauf Insulation for its leadership in creating a more sustainable built environment and their focus on life cycle thinking, product disclosures, indoor air quality and other topics that are critical within the existing buildings market as well as the company’s commitment to ensuring their products support LEEDv4.”

10 We have online easy-to-read LEEDv4 factsheets

To see how our solutions contribute points is easy. Specifiers can simply download easy-to-read LEEDv4 factsheets for all our key products from SUPAFIL Blowing Wool and our innovative Urbanscape Green Roof Solution to our Glass Mineral Wool with ECOSE Technology. Click here

 For more information, click here to read more in our latest Sustainability Report 2016

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