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By Anonymous
November 27, 2015

Knauf Insulation has been awarded “The Gaia Award 2015 - HVAC″ for the ECOSE Mineral Wool insulation. The Gaia Awards are the construction industry’s most respected method of recognition for the development and manufacture of sustainable building products.

What is GAIA Awards?

The Gaia Awards has grown into the industry’s most respected awards honoring those construction equipment and products that have truly integrated the concept of moving towards a more sustainable built environment. The awards are open not only to exhibitors but also to non-exhibitors whose products are distributed within the MENA Region.

A panel of industry experts with acclaimed credentials carefully selected those winners who were expected to demonstrate an exceptional and unique product that has successfully been integrated into the built environment in the MENA Region.

Gaia Award - Big 5

A short history of the GAIA Awards

The Gaia Awards were launched in 2008 to honour companies in the construction sector whose products and services demonstrate a reduction of construction's impact on the environment.

Environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important within the construction industry in the Middle East as new building regulations in the MENA region encourage or require that all new buildings meet international green building standards. The Gaia Awards aim to promote a company‘s responsibility to the environment by recognizing their achievements and providing a platform for companies to highlight their 'green' products and showcase future developments.

After a hugely successful debut in 2008, the Gaia Awards were held again every year during The Big 5 and is now in its eighth year. Named after the Greek goddess of the earth, the awards have proved to be a great success, and have been shown to be much more than just a trophy, they have actually helped businesses contribute to the built environment.

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