Dubai Municipality updated the list of approved Thermal Insulation Materials and Systems

By Anonymous
September 24, 2014

Dubai Municipality recently updated their list of "Approved Thermal Insulation Materials and Systems".

For all new buildings, consulting offices are required to propose products from the list of approved materials when seeking permission for buildings in the Emirate of Dubai. 

Knauf Insulation's products are listed on the list of the approved materials with the following registration codes:

  • 06.079.01  Mineral Fiber Board 
  • 06.079.02  Mineral Fiber Board with FSK Facing  
  • 06.079.03  Mineral Fiber Board with WGF Facing 
  • 06.079.04  Mineral Fiber Board with Aluglass Facing 
  • 06.079.05  Mineral Fiber Blanket  
  • 06.079.06  Mineral Fiber Blanket with FSK Facing 
  • 06.079.07  Mineral Fiber Blanket with WGF Facing 
  • 06.079.08  Mineral Fiber Blanket with WMP Facing 
  • 06.079.09  Pipe Insulation Type I without Facing 
  • 06.079.10  Pipe Insulation Type I with FSK Facing 
  • 06.079.11  Pipe Insulation Type I with Aluglass Facing 

How to get the list?
• To download the copy of the list click here

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