Emissions reduction efforts 'to boost green building

By Anonymous
November 16, 2016

The emphasis on increasingly green construction is being driven by the need to cut carbon emissions, a new report has said. 

A study by Transparency Market Research titled "Smart Buildings Market - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, Growth and Forecast, 2013-2019" explained how the buildings themselves can and will help meet the aims of consumers living in them to live greener lifestyles. 

Much of the report focuses on issues of smart technology, the way various devices can be deployed to ensure energy is only being used when absolutely necessary, Proud Green Building reports.

Of course, the internet of things is indeed a development that could have a major impact on the use of energy in a home, making it increasingly efficient by switching things on and off, as well as having other benefits such as reducing waste. 

However, no amount of electronic gadgetry and sensors will take the place of cavity wall insulation, and keeping a new house or apartment block well-insulated will always be a key part of energy efficiency. 

Indeed, while the report talks at length about the importance of smart technology, the fact remains that such tech can be best used to monitor and control when devices are switched on and off, as well as identifying waste (such as noting how long an item of perishable food has been in a fridge, for example). What it cannot do is take the place of simply enabling a dwelling to retain heat, thus making it easier to keep down the energy use. 

Plenty of technology, such as the use of thermostats, has long been in use, but new smart technology may combine simple heat-sensitive devices that can turn things on and off with others that might take into account whether anyone is actually in a home, preventing heating being left on, even by accident, to heat a home when the occupants are away. 

Ultimately, there may be a combination of measures that make buildings more energy efficient. As they are responsible for a third of emissions, tackling this matter is of paramount importance. But it cannot be done without good insulation.

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