Knauf Exeed Insulation supplies sustainable insulation for Midfield Terminal

By Anonymous
December 02, 2014



Knauf Exeed Insulation has insulated the six storey Midfield Terminal Building at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The company was responsible for insulating the HVAC ducting and the pipes that support the HVAC network for the building terminal designed in the shape of an 'X' to house a luxury hotel and spa, duty free area, restaurants, executive lounges and an indoor car parking area. In keeping with Estidama building code, the Knauf Exeed Insulation used locally manufactured, nonhazardous materials, with durable and sustainable credentials to ensure energy efficiency of the building. Knauf’s HVAC and building Insulation solutions are made with patented ECOSE binder technology which is free from phenol formaldehyde and offers superior level of sustainability.


Knauf Exeed Insulation is a joint venture between Knauf Insulation Holding GmbH, one of the world's leading and fastest growing manufacturers of insulation materials; and Abu Dhabi based Exeed Industries, one of the leading manufacturing groups in the UAE.


According to Daniele Cerutti, General Manager of Knauf Exeed Insulation, “Insulating the 1.5 Km long and 2.5 meter wide HVAC ducting at Midfield terminal was not an easy task but we were able to supply the project on time using the most sustainable insulation.  Ensuring the accuracy of the performance specifications was absolutely paramount to the project. We supplied over 500,000 m2 of ECOSE Duct Insulation, 18,000 m2 Duct Liner for acoustic treatments and 450,000 meters of ECOSE pipe insulation. Our patented ECOSE technology was selected for the project as it is manufactured from naturally occurring and recycled raw materials, and bonded using a bio-based technology free from formaldehyde, phenols, acrylics and with no artificial colors, bleach or dyes added. It offers superior handling and has a softer feel, it is odorless, easy to cut and was perfect for the sustainability requirements of Midfield Terminal.”


Knauf Insulation’s Friendly Feel Duct Wrap is selected for the main air distribution tunnel and supporting duct network. Friendly Feel Duct Wrap helps in significantly reducing heat gain when applied, it is flexible, lightweight and is tough and resilient. It also provides energy conservation which lowers operating costs, increases system efficiency to decrease energy usage and cost, conforms easily to flat or irregular surfaces, allows for faster installation and reduces sound transmission through the duct wall.


For the Duct Liner, Midfield Terminal selected Sonic XP Duct Liner inside the duct tunnels, where there is a need to reduce the noise generated by mechanical devices. Sonic XP Ductliner is specifically designed as an interior insulation material for sheet metal ducts and provides an optimum combination of efficient sound absorption, low thermal conductivity and minimal airstream surface friction. It is also fire-resistant, durable and resilient. Offering excellent sound absorption, it also provides energy conservation thus lowering operating costs. Thermal and acoustical insulation was used in chilled water, drainage, and rainwater pipe distribution network.


Over 500,000 meters of pipe insulation was used to insulate piping network in the building. Apart from its formaldehyde free properties, ECOSE Technology has a low thermal conductivity of .23 at 24°C, it is easy and fast to install and reduces labor costs. The foil vapor retarder and pressure-sensitive lap assure a positive vapor seal. ECOSE Pipe Insulation meets the fire and smoke safety requirements as per Estidama building codes.


The new Midfield Terminal Building will more than double the passenger capacity at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The 50 meter high building will have a capacity of more than 30 million passengers a year and will cover an area of 700, 000 square meters.


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