Knauf highlights sustainable insulation to Saudi construction companies in their quest to go ‘green’

By Anonymous
March 03, 2015

KSA, 20 February 2015 - As Saudi Arabia pushes for construction companies to adopt green practices as decreed by the Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) in 2014 that all companies must reduce their air, water and noise pollution, Knauf Exeed Insulation has experienced increasing interest from companies for their patented ECOSE® binder technology for glasswool insulation. To introduce construction companies in the country to its HVAC and building insulations made with its formaldehyde free ECOSE® technology, the company hosted seminars for architects, developers and building consultants in Jeddah and Riyadh recently. Knauf highlighted its sustainable insulation products that can help build a greener city.

The event was attended by leading developers and building consultants in Saudi Arabia including ABV Rock, Al-Arrab, Drake & Scull, Samsung C&T, Saudi Binladin and Dar Engineering from Riyadh, and Dar Al Handasah, Diyar, Orascom Saudi, Saudi Binladin, TAV, Vision Etimaad and Zuhair Fayez from Jeddah.

Knauf Insulation glass mineral wool insulation products with ECOSE® Technology form a new generation of glass mineral wool insulation, employing a revolutionary, new bonding agent made from natural and more sustainable organic materials than the non-renewable, phenol-formaldehyde or acrylic based resins traditionally used. They have a softer feel, odorless, easy to cut and offers superior level of sustainability.

According to Kerim Caglar Technical Marketing Manager, Knauf Exeed Insulation, “There is a significant increase in demand for sustainable insulation materials and applications from KSA since the PME decree. Now, developers, consultants and contractors need to consider the overall sustainability of the materials selected and installed in the new buildings. This is where we play a significant role as our products contribute to efficiency of energy and improved indoor environmental performance of the buildings. Products made with ECOSE® Technology are more sustainable, as they have the added benefit of using a plant-based binder that is up to 70% less energy intensive than traditional binders. With ECOSE® Technology, rapidly-renewable organic materials replace traditional chemicals to create more advanced and sustainable products. And, since there is no formaldehyde or phenol used with ECOSE® Technology it also helps to reduce carbon footprint even further.”

Caglar added: “Sustainable development is now the policy of most GCC governments, and our innovative solutions meet building standards, and promote sustainable development. The built environment is a chief contributor to ensuring sustainable living, and with our ECOSE® technology, companies can meet this challenge with confidence.”

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