Knauf Insulation’s new sustainability report celebrates landmark achievements

By Anonymous
December 15, 2014


Since 2010 Knauf Insulation has slashed waste to landfill by almost 50%, reduced its energy use by 14% and cut CO2 emissions by 12%, according to the company’s landmark 2014 sustainability report which can be downloaded here.


The report was launched in December and is the fifth of its kind since the company established its ambitious 2020 sustainability mid-term aims including zero waste to landfill, reducing energy use by 20% and cutting CO2 emissions by 20%.


“We are at an important mid-point in this sustainability journey and I am exceptionally proud of what we have achieved,” said the company’s CEO Tony Robson. “As a company we are continually expanding into new territories but thanks to the hard work of everyone at Knauf Insulation we continue to be on track to achieve our 2020 goals.”


Through interviews and case studies, the report Insulation Matters tells the first-person stories behind the company’s key achievements and also showcases the innovations that are establishing Knauf Insulation as sustainability pioneers in the insulation industry.


Furthermore by talking to the people that matter – homeowners, installers as well as world influencers – Insulation Matters also examines how renovation not just saves energy and money but also has the power to transform lives.


“Our fifth sustainability report is quite different, with more detail than ever about our sustainability progress. But our message remains timeless. Now more than ever, it’s time to save energy,” said Tony Robson.


Other report highlights include:

 • How Knauf Insulation is inspiring new ways to improve work safety and the lessons that can be learnt from the people who have worked with the company the longest;

 • The latest news from Knauf Insulation plants (including the importance of our recent US acquisitions); what we are doing to support our communities and how our public affairs teams are teaching the world that the best energy is saved energy;

   A detailed report into why we need to end the misery of energy addiction (including an exclusive interview with one of the United Nations’ leading climate change professors) and why building fire safety needs to be top of every politician’s agenda;


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